WMADID, East-West University

Wemoid (CEO Jang Hyun Buk) decided to conclude a cryptographic WEMIX (WEMIX) of the East-West University and the Convention on the Crypto Donation,

The Donation Convention was held on the 8th (Fri) Wemaid headquarters and the president of WMADIDI, and the president of East-West University were held.

A Tribute To Ayub Bachchu | | EAST WEST UNIVERSITY | | Organized by ECPA Club.

WMADID is donated to the University of East and West, and the University of East and West is planning to use as a development fund of academic activities, including block chain technology through this Convention.

In particular, East and West plans to use Wi-Mix encryption on the metabus platform of the SW-centric university business team and to provide benefits to students who are active in the metabus.

In addition, we are troubled through the development fund through the development fund,

The cryptographic donation in which the block chain technology is in combination is a global trend, and is also active in each field around the world, including American famous universities and French cultural restores.

“In recent years, the East-West University of East-West University, said, Building a global open platform that links the chain is that it has a direction that has been consistent with the IT that the East-West is pursuing and fused cultural content characteristics, “he said.

Lee MiDe, Jang Hyun, said, “Two years ago, the bonds that began to donate masks in Gusta,” he said, “We will continue to serve as a block chain that will innovate all areas.”

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