Horizon & Days Gone: PS4

Sony playstation games on PC – that was unthinkable for a long time. But in 2020 Sony published with Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time a PS4 game for Windows computers and followed it 2021 days Gone and 2022 God of War. While Kratos’ PC debut at GamesPlanet can already buy with 10% discount, the action role-playing game of Guerrilla Games and the Survival Adventure of Sony Bend Studio are now available for less than half as part of the “Playstation Promo”. There are also great deals about Destiny 2 and Nascar Games.

Horizon Zero Dawn & Days Gone with 56% discount

Sony has chosen for his new “Playstation PC” publishing label with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone two very good premier titles. With Horizon: Zero Dawn succeeded in the Dutch Killzone-makers Guerrilla Games an outstanding action role-playing game, which can not only convince a strongly narrated story and a great enemy design, but also through a beautiful game world. And all strengths can be found again in the very well implemented PC version. Days Gone was compared in the run-up to the publication a lot with The Last of US, but the postalapalyptic action adventure but differs by an atmospheric Open World as well as adrenalingeladene fights with many, many “zombies” at the same time soothing from the Naughty dog hit. Again, the PC implementation succeeded very well, so both tracks have become two highly recommended PC games. Especially if you can buy them cheaper than GamesPlanet 56% cheaper than originally. In addition, further PlayStation implementations were lowered in the price.

PlayStation Promo at GamesPlanet (selection)

  • Days Gone (PC // Steam) for (-56%) 21,99 €
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition (PC // Steam) for (-56%) 21,99 €
  • Helldivers: Dive Harder Edition (PC // Steam) for (-75%) 4,99 €
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds (PC // Steam) for (-63%) 14,99 €

PlayStation Promo at GamesPlanet


US Motorsport with a lot of adrenaline and big discounts

Fans of American motorsport comes with this promo campaign at GamesPlanet Vol at their expense. The focus is on NASCAR games such as NASCAR 21 ignition or the NASCAR HEAT series, with carpent power but also a very successful kart racer is there. As fast as the cars in the games, so cheap prices at GamesPlanet – up to 82% can save you!

Motorsport Gaming US Promo (selection)

  • RFactor 2 (PC // Steam) for (-78%) 6,50 €
  • Made power (PC // Steam) for (-32%) 22,99 €
  • NASCAR 21: Ignition (PC // Steam) for (-50%) 18,99 €
  • NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition (PC // Steam) for (-82%) 1,50 €
  • NASCAR HEAT 5 (PC // STEAM) for (-64%) 5,99 €
  • NASCAR HEAT 3 (PC // STEAM) for (-82%) 1,99 €
  • NASCAR HEAT 2 (PC // STEAM) for (-82%) 1,99 €
  • NASCAR HEAT EVOLUTION (PC // STEAM) for (-82%) 1,50 €

Motorsport Gaming US Promo at GamesPlanet

Top Games at Top Prices: Destiny 2 Deals at GamesPlanet Source: GamesPlanet

Destiny 2 – The witch king burns the prices down

Only a few weeks ago, the Sexkenigin published the latest Destiny 2 enlargement and has fully convinced in terms of gameplay and storytelling. Now there is the DLC at GamesPlanet with 25% discount. The Deluxe Edition as well as the deluxe + 30th Anniversary Bundle can now be significantly cheaper. And there are more Destiny 2 deals with discounts up to 53%!

Destiny 2 Deals

  • Destiny 2: the witch king (PC // steam) for (-25%) 29,99 €
  • Destiny 2: The witch king Deluxe Edition (PC // Steam) for (-20%) 63,99 €
  • Destiny 2 package: the witch. Deluxe + 30 years Bungie (PC // Steam) for (-20%) 79,99 €
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light (PC // Steam) for (-43%) 16,99 €
  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep (PC // Steam) for (-52%) 11,99 €
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken package (PC // Steam) for (-52%) 9,50 €
  • Destiny 2: Legacy Collection (PC // Steam) for (-53%) 27,99 €
  • Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack (PC // Steam) for (-24%) 18,99 €

Destiny 2 Deals at GamesPlanet

Further savings actions, weekly offers and flash deals are regularly available at GamesPlanet.

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