Life is Strange Remastered Collection: 60 FPS Mode for Xbox Series X will continue to wait

For the Life IS Strange Remastered Collection is an update in the making, with which 60 FPS should be made possible on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.
The publication of the update was actually planned over the past week after moving it shortly before.
About Twitter, the developer now let players know that the 60 FPS update for the PS5 will be sent to Sony for the certification this week.

For Xbox Series X, however, it seems to take a little longer to take up butter soft 60 fps.
Because you want to inform more information soon.

Life is Strange: Remastered 60 FPS GAMEPLAY
On Twitter it is called:

“We will publish further news for 60fps mode for Xbox Series X.
We wanted to publish these new patches in the week from March 28th and apologize for us to have not reached this goal. “

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