Guardiola: Today City had a very clever coach

Without a large portion of sarcasm Guardiola had not failed in the run-up to the comparison with Diego Sime1. In the past, the Catalan – especially at times as Bayern trainer – had always taken tactical experiments in decisive moments in the premier class. Approved on that Guardiola said on Monday: “It would be boring if I always let it play right away. That’s why I think too much after and me stupid tactics. Tomorrow I will apply an incredible: we will play too twelfth!”

On Tuesday evening Guardiola set at 1-0 then on well-tried tactics, with which the skyblues could not crack the concrete-touching Atletico for a long time. But the mancity coach had an ace in the sleeve – more specific. After 68 minutes Guardiola appeared on a blow his only three change of the evening and brought Jack Graelish, Gabriel Jesus and Phil Foden.

Already two minutes later, the decision turned out to be a good deal, because the ball-safe fodes took the sharp ball of Rodrigo perfectly and transported vertically towards Kevin de Bruyne. The Belgian remained ice cold from half-right position and scored 1: 0.

“If we make a change, then only…”

Guardiola coaching session with Bayern Munich

“If we make a change, then only if we think it could be better,” says Guardiola at “BT Sport”: “Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The boys did it well, but we knew it, but we knew That Gabriel and Phil have a special energy and can keep Jack the ball. Today, City had a very clever coach. “

Also a kind of satisfaction for Guardiola, who had been criticized too often for his decisions in K.-O. games in the past. Completely satisfied with a look at the heavy return match in the Wanda Metropolitano: “We had chances to make a second or even third goal. But it is not easy to play against a team experienced in this competition. We drive But to Madrid to meet and to win again. “

de Bruyne expects nothing else in Madrid

That it will be a hard-to-cracking nut in Spain, the scorer de Bruyne is already safe. “They operated with five players in the defense and five more in the midfield. Since it is extremely difficult to find gaps,” explained the Belgian, little surprisingly to the “Man of the Match”, after the game: “We have it But well done, because we have nothing left. You have to preserve peace, stay patient and continue looking for the gap. ” In the second leg, De Bruyne expects a similar approach to Atleticos.

But there is still a key game against Liverpool on Sunday (5.30 pm, live! At Guardiola) for the English master fight. “We still have five days to Sunday – both teams played today,” says de Bruyne: “It’s a big game that everyone joyfully opposes, also we players.”

Within a week, MANCITY can fear hope for two more titles, but also angry with the nose. A possibly crucial parameter: Guardiola’s tactics.

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