July Release on the Open World Mining Sim “Rich Lands” PC aiming for selling and selling a millionaire-Lets collect resources with a variety of vehicles

Thorium Studio has decided the release of the Open World Mining Sim “ Rich Lands ” for a July 1st for PC (Steam) and released the Steam Store page.

This work is a real and vast sandbox type mining simulation game. Players manipulate various vehicles and collect valuable resources from land, produce, sell products, extend their own lands, and grow their business with unpredictable open worlds.

mining sim

The surrounding environment and what you want to minize, select the appropriate vehicle and collect resources. It is possible to dig a raw material by drilling a rock and get raw materials, and if luck is good, rare resources such as petroleum and precious metals can be obtained. Based on the collected material, we will manufacture basic products such as lithium battery, plastic, polyester, glass, copper wire at the processing plant. Also, complex items such as cars, laptops, statues, and homes can be manufactured. Then we buy and sell products manufactured by dealers and boutiques, earn more capital, purchase land and resources, and aim for a millionaire.

Various heavy machines and vehicles are also looking forward to the mining shim “Rich Lands”, which is scheduled to be released on July 1 for PC (STeam).

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