Apex Legends Season 13 Teaser indicate the arrival of a huge seaweed

Apex Legends is getting strange and strange – and we love it. We are still weeks away from the publication date of Apex Legends Season 13, but Respawn Entertainment has not held to tease into social media, which comes to the popular Battle-Royale shooter. There are many questions that need to be answered, but the fans think that the latest teaser at Season 13 of Apex Legends indicate the arrival of a monstrous seay home – this will make the apex games a little more interesting, right?

Last month, Apex Legend’s players started with eagle eyes to discover towering Leviathaners who wades in the waters around Storm Point – the latest card published., Nameless winter, has shared a screenshot on apexuncovered, a subreddit focusing on the teaser and leaks of apex legends.

This is not the first time that Players see Leviathaner at an Apex Legend’s card, but the youngest teasers point out that something bigger on the horizon is. With a quick-moving anomaly on the scanners and huge seismic activities under water, you could be exactly right.

The first team of the 13th Season of Apex Legends was divided online on April 6 and shows how you can see below, a warning of a “seismic event in the deep lake” with the heading “It is probably just a malfunction of the equipment”. This could first mean an earthquake under water as well as a seaweed – the second teaser is much more meaningful.

It is probably just a device defect. pic.twitter.com/mdlavx7QLC

  • Apex legends (@playapex) 6. April 2022

The second Teaser of Apex Legends to Season 13, which was divided on April 13, shows the radar detection of a huge anomaly. If you look exactly about the text “Anomaly”, you can actually see the radar pings for the two leviathans spotted off the coast of Storm Point.

Stay calm… pic.twitter.com/gpye2notjt

  • Apex legends (@playapex) 13. April 2022

The difference between the two Leviathan radar pings and the new strange anomaly is sufficient to point out that everything that is supervised on Storm Point is huge – Leviathaner should be about 400 meters high.

The next big update of Apex Legends is expected to be released by May 10, so we are still a bit removed from finding out what’s really going on. Keep the necessarily in the eye Twitter account of PlayAPex for the latest teaser of Respawn Entertainment. If you are wondering who connects Apex games next to the mysterious anomaly, then you’ll see all the latest APEX Legend’s character leaks.

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