East Punk ARPG “GHostlore” started early access based on the monster transmitted to Southeast Asia

ANDREW TEO, ADAM TEO and Publisher AT-AT GAMES started early access to East Punk Action RPG GHOSTLORE ” at STeam.

This work is an East Punk Action RPG that fights against a monster that appears in Southeast Asian tradition. “Diablo 2” and “Titan QUEST” are inspired and capture the dungeon generated in the procedure while enjoying the item and character customization system.

There are more than 40 horrible monsters transmitted to Southeast Asia, and it is possible to defeat it with tactics based on their own tradition. There are many regional specific things and there are many regional specific things, and cooking food and cooking to boost the status.

A unique thing such as “KRIS”, which is a short sword of Malay peninsula with a waveform blade, and a unique thing such as “PARANGS” like Machethe, which is a macete, which is a malay peninsula with a blade of waveform, has appeared. You can use various weapons such as magic Talisman who skip the enemy and cut the enemy.

Calater Customization provides six classes such as “EXORCIST”, which feels the spirit world with a mysterious warrior who is a mysterious warrior who is a younger-length and supercapility, and “SENTINEL” that can communicate with animals. It is also characteristic of “Glyph system” that makes magic symbols into the body and gaining new power is also characteristic, and uses rare and special symbols to maximize the status bonus.

“Ghostlore” is early access for 2,050 yen in Steam for PC. It is 1,640 yen of 20% off until April 22 as a loan discount. At the time of this article, we do not support Japanese.

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