The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles reaches 500,000 units sold

Capcom hunits sold confirmed that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles hunits sold exceeded 500,000 units sold around the world since its launch lunits soldt July 2021. Available in PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, we talk about a Of the best valued works of the series, with Shu Takumi in a pure state.

Until lunits soldt November, Capcom indicated that the game had sold more than 300,000 units around the world, so that in these five months another 200,000 copies have been sold. In total, Saga ACE ATTORNEY exceeds 8.9 million units sold throughout the planet . The Trilogy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, published in 2019, reaches 1.4 million units sold .

Half a million copies for a game that we gave for impossible in the West

The compilation consists of the two deliveries SPIN-OFF ( Adventures and Resolve ) of Nintendo 3DS published in 2015 and 2017, respectively, exclusively for Japan. However, more than one lustro after its launch on the Nintendo laptop, the amateurs took the surprise that these rarities – because they do not stop being deliveries parallel to the original saga of Phoenix Wright set in the 19th century – they were going to land in Western lands with an excellent location ; While it hunits sold the impairment of being only available at Japanese E English **.

The reception wunits sold expected: we loved it. Two phenomenally written works, with an impeccable narrative and a construction of characters at the height of Shu Takumi’s best stories. In addition, mechanical novelties and a detective touch that convinced us completely.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - No Commentary (PC)

And now that? Will we have the collection of ACE ATTORNEY 4-5-6? Ace Attorney 7?

The question is now clear. Taking into account the good reception of both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (with the first three numbered deliveries) and the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the fans wonder if it is plausible to think of a collector of Ace Attorney 4, 5 and 6, What would result in a compilation of ACE ATTORNEY: Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright: ACE Attorney – Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

In that cunits solde, all the main deliveries – exception of the two episodes of the Investigations series, starring Miles Edgeworth – would be at our disposal on current platforms. Everything would be routed for an eventual and desired seventh numbered delivery.

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