Overwatch 2: Blizzard introduces background history and capabilities of the first new heroine

The release policy around Overwatch 2 is a true up and down: The continuation became announced to the successful multiplayer shooter at the end of 2019, at first of course without publication. Then they peared 2022 for a release, but then announced that there’s definitely nothing.


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In a developer update in early March you then reveal that OverVATCH 2 could appear earlier, but in stripped form without the planned PVE area – so without story and hero missions . After all: The PVP fans are likely to be happy about this announcement and there is a few new content anyway.

Sojourn Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

SOJOURN: This offers the new heroine in action

Of course that means: finally new heroes. Because since the release of Echo in April 2020, no new characters brought more to the roster of the shooter. Fortunately, this should change with the freshly presented SOJOURN now: Blizzard set both the background history and the skills of the Cybernetic captain in the limelight.

The first of their tools in combat is the Railgun , which with their primary fire mode scores a projectile, which generates energy during impact and thus charges their secondary fire mode. As soon as you have accumulated enough energy, you can unleash the secondary feature such a deadly shot that consumes the unknown energy.

With your disruption shot SOJOURN is then able to slow opponents. This ability should support your secondary fire mode so that you can make your devastating energy shot easier. In addition, the disruption shot causes damage, which he represents a good all-rounder tool.

Anyone who has already seen Soyourn in a video in action, who already knows about their remarkable mobility. It has to owe you above all your Powerslide . Thus, she slides in wind parts over the battlefield, which can break this action with a high jump in the air, which gives it the opportunity to get to otherwise unattainable places.

Finally, there would be your ultimate ability overclocking : As soon as SOJOURN activates this, your secondary fire mode is available throughout for a short time and your SOJOURNS shots even penetrate your goals, which allows you to quickly attack several opponents at once.

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