The movie Ghost of Tsushima finds his screenwriter

The fragments come together slowly but surely on the side of PlayStation Productions and Sony Pictures, who work on their second film collaboration after that of Uncharted. In addition to the director Chad Stahelski (john wick) already named a few months ago, we learn by Deadline that the author and director Takashi DOSCHER (still, only) was chosen to write the feature film scenario.

With more than 8 million copies sold last January, a natural penchant for cinematography and dozens of international rewards for the game of the year 2020, GHOST OF TSUSHIMA quickly integrated the list of playstation games carved to be adapted to the cinema.

Writer Takashi Doscher Joins Director Cha Stahelski for Ghost of Tsushima Movie

We do not yet know at this stage to what point this adaptation will remain faithful or not over the lines of the game, which tells the evolution of a Jin Sakai ready to betray his convictions of Samurai for the good of his people against his people. The invasion of a Mongolian army in numerical superiority, but Sucker Punch and PlayStation Productions obviously ensure the project.

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