All we know about horse riding on the dragons in Wow Dragonflight

The upcoming WORLD OF WARCRAFT, DRAGONFLIGHT extension, is designed to change the way of handling driving animals in permanent MMORPG. Going on Dragon Islands, players will manage their own dragon dragon.

As new zones and expansion are passing, players will receive four new dragons of dragon islands. These dragons can be configured, and players can choose features such as muzzle, wings, tail, armor and much more.

Throughout the journey, adventure seekers will receive new riding abilities on dragons. These maneuvers fight both exhaustion and enemies seeking to return Drake back to Earth. The limit level will be set to riding on the dragons, but as soon as it is reached, players will be able to track ancient glyphs that will promote the skill tree. There will also be tests that will open more features for configuring.

Blizzard engineers have introduced new physics for driving on the dragon, and this is not an ordinary flying means of movement. Players will need to manage the endurance of their dragon with the help of various movements, such as the diving to the ground and the disclosure of the wings of their mighty creature to soar high in the air.

WoW Dragonflight - Dragon Mount Customization & Dragon Riding | Deep Dive

Since it seems that this feature will be available to players shortly after they arrive at the Dragon Islands, it is likely to solve a common complaint that the flight takes some time to arrive in the add-on. In any case, all this looks very exciting.

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