Saints Row finds his exuberance with a customization that leaves in all directions

A 30-minute presentation on the only theme of customization? The idea may seem excessive, but not in the eyes of the volition team, well determined to make Saints Row the next reference in this area. The choice of embarrassment.

Saints Row Reboot: EVERYTHING WE KNOW SO FAR - Customization, Properties, Gangs, Multiplayer & More
On the paper, this reboot still expected on August 23, 2022 is supposed to cut the bridges with the excesses of a Saints Row 4 and find a better balance between history with themes a so much seriousness of its four protagonists And the exuberance that is mounted in power over the episodes to the point of becoming uncontrollable. In Saints Row , the quite crazy possibilities offered in customization will be a bit like a cursor that everyone can place as he wishes on the big scale.

The air of nothing, not far from 10 years have passed since the exit of Saints Row 4 . And if the latter already focused on customization tools, this reboot seems to have taken note of how the video game landscape has evolved since 2013. Obviously, the Fortnite tornado went there, what is felt. especially in the worship of the emotes that cause so much facepalm at home, the old. Further customization of vehicles? No question of impasse when GTA Online imposes its law. As for the third pillar, the customization of the weapons, he relies on Call of Duty: Warzone and all the range of online FPS.

Whether we say, those who have the unfortunate habit of spending hours in front of customization tools could lose a whole day before embarking on Santa Ileso, so volition decontressed to put the package. Good news for those who feel submerged, 8 different presets will be offered as as many characters’ starting points that can be retouched here and there. And so much say that we can do just about anything.

On menu, hats, socks, masks, haircut, skin textures, makeup, eyelashes, eyebrows, lentils, teething, scars, muscles, tattoos on all body, partial tan and all we can imagine from the part of a character editor as complete as folkloric. The morphology of its boss is also always adjustable and volition has not forgotten to check the inclusive box by presenting a range of prostheses. We will also have the choice between 8 different voices, the most serious stamp at the most wacky.

At the same time cosmetic and mechanical, the customization of vehicles obviously does not escape the Kéké-Tuning atmosphere, but it will come to everyone to express your good and bad tastes. The game will propose 80 vehicles to customize, with still presets for those who want to start from a model. In terms of behavior, we can see that vehicles are governed by four characteristics: max speed, performance, durability and all terrain. “_On is in the desert so there will be a lot of driving”, note the Volition passage. In addition to road vehicles, we promise boats and helicopters with as many options. At the wheel, the player will be able to allow a fantastic output by calling on the ejection seat before deploying his wingsuit.

It was said, weapons are also customizable with full of textures, visual paints and effects as in a multiplayer FPS, but fantasy obviously goes further: we can see how a rocket launcher can take the appearance of a Guitar cases or how an umbrella can hide a mitrailer. This presentation also makes it possible to discover the abandoned church that will serve as the basis of the holy operations. In the center of this headquarters, which will also be renovated and therefore personalized, the player will have access to the armory or the wardrobe, and it is here that he will find all the items bought in the shops.

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