Two Affang Games, onboard on WMADID WiMix platform

WMADID is onboard on the 22nd Wimade Play (pre-Sunday Tose) and on-board (store the animal) on the wicking platform.

WMADE play is established in 2009 and is a Korean representative mobile game developer, which is in the star from Anifang series. We are serving a variety of mobile games, including animated mobile games, including puzzles, fostering, and genre-linked casual games.

First, Anifang Machi is an optimized global version with Anifang 4 on the Wi-Mix platform. More than 3,000 puzzle stages and series first guild community PAM, the use of users, to suit the overseas market,

The Anifang Blast is the version developed by the Mines Platform in the Wommel. Two-match puzzle play with two matching blocks, emphasized a fast deployment and a lightweight taste and graphics.

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“This Wemix Onboarding will be a new channel of Anifang series,” the new channel is a pioneering and a diameter for the global leap, “said Wemoid Play Lee Hoqing,” said the new channel of the Affang series, “” I said.

“The Wimade Jang Hyun Buk, said,” The Womens is a game platform, a game platform that is currently running coin, NFT, and Defizes, “said Jang Hyun-kyo,” said, “” I am glad to serve animals on the Gims platform. “

WMADID is aiming at several developers aimed at providing 100 games on the Gims Platform by the end of this year.

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