LOL: Advienne tab by Giants Gaming and opens through a summer superliga full of new faces

Giants Gaming Not for your fan to sign after the disastrous spring season and presents the second player who will enter his roster for the Summer Split after having announced Keduii this noon: Henk “Advienne” * * Reijenga. The Dutch player will replace the position of the French Paul “Stend” ** Lardin, who will leave the club after a decaffeinated season with the giants and after not having entired everything well with Attila in the lower lane.

The Support arrives at the Malagueño Club after having been relegated from Excel in the _ Spring Split_ of the LEC after the Landing of Mikyx to roster, leaving the player aim and leaving the door open to other clubs since then. But before taking the leap to LEC, went through Big, where he coincided with Keduii and with whom he will share a lower lane with the intention of assaulting the most anticipated Spanish league in history. In addition, Advienne has also been part in Nordavind’s past, Godsent, Ad Hoc Gaming, EnergyPot Wizards, Black Lion, Auxisis Esports and Blackmice.

lozark has spoken about the Game Style of Advienne and why can you benefit the Malaga team: “He is a player who has had a short but intense race, who has been very successful in the teams in which he has State and has been very valued among your teammates. As soon as we have heard it and seen inside the game, we believe that it is very good. It has a lot of talent as a leader and, no doubt, is going to be our shotcaller main level of macro “.

JANDRO , Technician of the Giants, has also wanted to comment on his role within the roster: “is a Support that is going to have a lot of level and, in addition, brings a lot of synergy with Keduii. We are very happy for having It was possible to close this botlane. ” Thus, Giants assumes two quite important changes for the next Split, since with the output of Attila it is likely that Giant’s game style changes quite and be much more permissive and open in other lines such as the central lane or Toplane.

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