No displeasure between wind and kruse: max has his hat trick

Meikayla Moore -The first ever own goal perfect hattrick
It was a noise football Friday night and two actors had a significant contribution to it: twice the shots of Jonas Wind found their way into the net. The Danen, newcomer in winter, made his best play for the VfL Wolfsburg, who made another big step towards league at the 5: 0-edge victory against the FSV Mainz 05.

“A great feeling and a great relief,” was the 23-year-old and referred to the reparation, which was bravorous after the 1: 6 in Dortmund. “You have seen from the beginning that we wanted it. The early gate and the red card against Mainz helped us. Five goals in a halftime are already a good job.”

At the same time, winds on this day made congenial players Max Kruse in the scorer list. The two kept the thing almost al1. Once, however, it hooked in a curious way: had wind two minutes before just before the bullet-ready Kruse the footpoint a hint out of the ball and to 4: 0, so “saved” in the 44th minute, a certainly go to the goal Shot of his partner for all already beaten Mainz on their goal line!

How could that happen? “I had posted myself in the center and was ready for Ridle Bakus Crosspass,” the misfortune breed apologized the non-gate. “He put back to Max and I suddenly stood on the goal line.” Even slightly irritated by the in front of him in front of him 05-Keeper Robin Zentner, the ball wind finally jumped so unhappy to the lower leg that he thwarted the hits. Referee Harm Osper whistle on top of that correctly offside – and Max Kruse annoyed visibly…

But everything remained well between the two protagonists. “Two minutes later, Max hit himself again,” said wind. “He has his hat trick with it.” While he is not magnificent, but that really did not bother any1. Wind: “That was good for me and for him – all are happy.”

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