1: 1 – Sandhausen subscription against top clubs

Four game days before the end is Sandhausen just above the line, but has comfortable six points lead to the relegation place and Dynamo Dresden. Even thanks to the late compensation last against St. Pauli (1: 1), which was also on the press conference on Friday again: “The point against FC St. Pauli feels really good. It has seen what development the Team in the second half and what mentality is in the square, “said Svs-Coach Alois Schwartz his protégés and explicitly scorer Janik Bachmann:” Janik has made a huge leap. With his readiness, aggressiveness and goal danger he shows again and again “

There was also good news from Dennis Diekmeier – the captain had trained with the team again and thus expands the setup options of the 55-year-old in returning to both ancient spatial facilities. “A little leg” would like – as well as the other ascension aspirants – the FCN, Schwartz describes the objective of the current table future, but of course the hardness of the task: “We meet in Nuremberg on an extremely gentle team, here we have to be fine work. I am good things, our team is consolidated. “

1: 1 – What else?

SV Sandhausen - FC St. Pauli 1-1 Match Summary | Tor von Janik Bachmann, Guido Burgstaller goal
That the SVS can annoy the top teams, he has repeatedly proved in the second half: 1: 1 against St. Pauli, 1: 1 in Bremen, 1: 1 in Darmstadt, 1: 1 in Heidenheim, 1: 1 against HSV. Tippers makes it so difficult in the selection of the result.

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