Gran Turismo 7: The next advertised update, new cars on the program

After the last thirty days complicated, Gran Turismo 7 seems to have found the right track. Testify the latest balancing updates, but also the new content announced for next week.


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Gran Turismo 7: Reminder of previous updates

Released on March 04, Gran Turismo 7 convinced press and public. A short enthusiasm since the title, after a maintenance of more than twenty-four hours, has been the subject of a problem with problematic : increase the price of cars, reduction of gains suites to the races and the Incentive to spend real money. Players are not happy and do it then know by publishing many bad reviews on Gran Turismo 7: Today, it is an average rating of 2/10 that has been recorded.

A week after, it is the president of Polyphony Digital Kazunori Yamauchi who seems to make a ‘Mea Culpa’ ‘and announces the arrival of adjustments and modifications that will arrive during a wave of updates scheduled for April. The month of April is almost complete and the saying of fixes have arrived with more modifications to improve the gaming experience. But in addition to adjustments, it is also new content for next week.

Gran Turismo 7: New cars expected?

And the month of April will not be the only one to be concerned by updates. It’s always Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital who tells Twitter that an update is expected next week. Depending on the shared image, it will integrate three new cars in Gran Turismo 7:

Unfortunately, no additional information has been disclosed about these new cars (which one sees the silhouette) or other things will complement the update. Answer next week.

For reminder, Gran Turismo came out on March 04 on Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4. It is developed by Polyphony Digital and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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50 minutes ago

It is excellent this GT7. The content is enormous, the driving sensations still good. Regular and free Shifts as for GTS it’s perfect.

It was not very difficult to earn credits at its exit compared to GT2 or 4 but with the last update is disconcerting facility. A thought to all casuals who complained of that…

825K in 30 min it breaks even a little the interest of the game but hey it takes for all levels.

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