PLAYSTATION Moves on PC transplantation-SIE recruits PC planning and strategy senior director

Public recruitment of “ PC Planning / Strategy Senior Director, PC Planning and Strategy) by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is posted on the recruitment advertising site GREENHOUSE. It was revealed by the press.

The detailed date and time of this job posted is unknown, but according to Google Cash, it seems to have existed at least from 21:00 on April 24 Japan time. The recruitment page description states that it will be assigned as a member of the Global Sales & Business Operation in PlayStation, which leads collaboration with Epic Games and Steam.

For games in charge of development and release by SIE, “Bloodborne” and “Horizon Zero Dawn” were ranked as “the most played game on PCs” on the cloud gaming service PlayStation Now last year. Meanwhile, Herman Halst, director of PlayStation Studios, said, “PlayStation Studios title is the best place to enjoy the PlayStation Studios title in 2021,” said the studio game. I want to emphasize that, “he suggested that the PC version will continue to be later than the PS version.

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SIE, which registered a public label called “PlayStation PC” last year, may change the commercial strategy such as the company’s PC version of the game.

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