Wow: Fan collects forums because he explains the new player who refuel

Actually, Reddit user Wararmy only wanted to help, instead he obviously became the victim of malignant trolls. Because his answer to the question of a new WOW fan, as you play a tank in the MMO, was flagged and then removed from a Blizzard staff. Then Wararmy conceded a three-month spell.

The spell shows how toxic the WoW community can be

The player documented his detailed post and the spell in a video and screenshots on Reddit. The obviously very helpful forum fee explains in detail the refueling in WOW (Buy Now) with all its facets, including ditch and addon tips. At first glance you can see how much trouble has given himself Wararmy to provide the questioner a helpful answer.

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The same thanks to Wararmy also thanked and writes: “I’m sure to learn a lot, but if only I can find a few people in the game, which are as helpful as you, I will certainly get along.” That sounds very positive and anything but spelling. Nevertheless, Wararmy has received a short time later the news that a Blizzard employee has deleted his post and closed his account for three months.

What happened? The community on Reddit suggests that other forum users have reported his contribution from misguided. For example, the reddit user IRAQIWALKER writes:
The mistake was the attempt to help someone in the forum. The saying ‘No good deed remains unpunished’ meets here. It may be that someone has reported you because he does not match with your opinion, or because your mail is wrong Was, or simply because you dared to give a new player in the forums a helping and not just suffering in the game.

Was an automatic system the cause of the spell?

The spell then occurred without the fact that the responsible employee has read by the post at all. Accordingly, Warmarmy also writes that he is aware that in the forum there is a rough approach, but he was very surprised that a Blizzard employee has a spell expression, without having to have tested his postally.

Another reddit user believes that the spell could also be an automated measure. Rambo_one2 writes:
The only thing I could find, which could be a system might be markers, would be the mention of the GTFO add-on, but you realized that it is an addon […]. I believe that [the spell ] either partially or completely drained automatically because someone has mistakenly reported your post […] and no one has taken care of checking whether the spell was permissible.

After all, the terminated player gets a lot of popularity of the Reddit Community, which asks him not to be confused from this incident and continue to help other players. In any case, the Reddit user Wararmy has appealed against the spell. Let’s hope that the community managers see their mistakes and cancel the spell as soon as possible.

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