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Expected on August 22, the House of the Dragon series promises an all -fire -all -fire show. The reason ? Dragons, one of the probable stars of the series and to which we owe a huge cost of production according to the figures published by Variety.


House of the Dragon: What is the cost of production?

Expected for next August 21, House of the Dragon should be talked about in the coming weeks. And it is a Scoop discovered by VARIETY which risks setting fire to the powders. The media, which specializes in the news related to the cinema, indicates that the series would have cost 200 million dollars to produce for HBO . However, season 1 of the spin-off series of Game of Thrones will have ten episodes. You will have done the calculation quickly, it is an average of $ 20 million that is spent by episode .

On this subject, it should be remembered that House of the Dragon has great ambitions. She tells the story of the Targaryen during the peak of their power. A power they owe in particular to their dragons, which are more than fifteen under their command. A show guaranteed to be flamboyant and whose broadcast is expected on August 22 with the broadcast of the first episode .

Game of Thrones more expensive than House of the Dragon?

As a comparison, Game of Thrones had then done much less at the time. It is obviously the eighth and last season that had cost the most expensive to HBO since $ 15 million on average were spent for the production of each episode. The reason ? The more recurring presence of dragons, very demanding in terms of resources. 75 million dollars were therefore necessary.

But on the checkbook side, HBO often seems to see things big. The production house is currently at work on the adaptation for small screen of the game The Last of US. The series, postponed to 2023, should also cost more than Game of Thrones. In July 2021, the mayor of Fort Macleod welcomed the filming of the adaptation. During an interview with Canadian television, he enthuses the cost of production by indicating that “This project far exceeds 10 million per episode” and that he therefore had an incredible impact on the local economy.


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25 minutes ago

Many criticize the last seasons of Got (rightly so) and talks about a zero series.

While waiting for the emotions felt and the pleasure in following the series until the moment when it went wrong, was still great!

Not to bury too quickly.

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