The whereabouts of all Mokoko seeds to Hesrobe in Lost Ark

Mokoko seeds are the most common collection subject in the “lost ark”, but they are difficult to find. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. If seeds are found, Mokoko shines. There is nine Mokoko seeds to search and collect by gesbra in sea of proony . All locations of Mokoko Seeed are shown below.

Где найти все семена мококо в Гесброе в Море Проциона

You can find all Mokoko seeds using the map above. Mokoko seed in red circle does not require special instructions. Just take it after you approached him.

Where To Find All Mokoko Seeds in Rethramis | Lost Ark seed locations

While on this island, you can do two things necessary to obtain other Mokoko seeds. Obtaining unlimited gold beer voucher allows you to call a gold bell on the map, and having drunk 15 beers of beer that you can find everywhere, you will get tipsy buff.

The yellow circle S requires you to have a Buff Golden Bell, while brown circles require you to have a buff. Green circle requires you to have both a buff with a gold bell and a buff tipsy. Triangles – these are passages that lead to each seed of Mokoko and correspond to the color of the circle to which it leads.

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