DEL descent sealed: Krefeld waived a legal dispute

The founding member of the DEL announced on Thursday that the DEL arbitration tribunal is waived. “Ultimately, we wanted to avoid a lengthy and costly legal dispute that might have had little prospect of success,” said Managing Director Sergei Sawelev.

conduct of arbitral proceeding
However, he confirmed: “According to our feelings, there should have been no relegation this season either, since the Corona situation has seriously influenced the competition.” Because of the allegation of the “distortion of competition”, the two -time master had announced the gear before the arbitration court after the fixed descent after 31 years of first class. The last sporting relegation was the Kassel Huskies 16 years ago.

The waiver of the legal dispute now grants the Krefeldern at least planning security. “The certainty about livelihood is now making this planning and our conversations concrete,” said Sawelev: “We can prepare for the season in the DEL 2 with full passion and put together a squad that enables us to get there quickly, where we belong. “

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