2nd league, 32nd matchday: Darmstadt shoots on the ranking rank – Aue descends

Darmstadt 98 has set an exclamation mark in the promotion race of the 2nd Bundesliga with a Torgala. The Lilien made Erzgebirge Aue 6: 0 (4: 0), conquered second place and at the same time sealed the descent of the violets into the 3rd division. Hamburger SV had previously won 4-0 (2-0) with the FC Ingolstadt, which has already been determined as a relegated team, and now finished fourth with 54 points.

Luca Pfeiffer (17th), double packer Tim Skarke (18th/39th) and Braydon Manu (19th) all Auer suffered hopes in the first half in the bud. Mathias Honsak (74th) and Tobias Kempe (90th) followed up after the break. The FC Erzgebirge thus follows FC Ingolstadt, which has been a direct relegation since last week, in the third class. As the penultimate table, Aue can no longer reach the relegation place on the last two match days.

“It is one of the blackest days in my football career. Of course we understand the dissatisfaction of the fans. We can only apologize for this performance. In total, this is the result of the season. The disappointment is with all huge,” said Aue Sören Gonther at sky.

The HSV had previously presented in Ingolstadt and has in the meantime conquered third place. The ex-Ingolstadt Sonny Kittel (27th) and captain Sebastian Schonlau (29th) met for the Hamburgers who introduced the third victory in a row and set the course for victory before the change of sides. Robert Glatzel (57th) At the preparatory work by Kittel, his 19th goal of the season increased to 3: 0, Mikkel Kaufmann (81.) ensured the final point.

“We reward ourselves for what we do. We are very multifaceted,” said HSV coach Tim Walter on Sky -Mikrofon.

On Friday, Werder Bremen had to hand in the league lead to Schalke 04 (2-1 at SV Sandhausen) with a 2: 3 against Holstein Kiel. FC St. Pauli had not got beyond a 1-1 against 1. FC Nürnberg due to the late equalizer.

Already in the 14th minute Glatzel had the first chance for the guests. From 15 meters, the goalkeeper narrowly missed the Box of the Schanzer.

Dynamo Dresden collects late equalization

In the 35th minute, Florian Pick had the great chance of the connection goal for the FCI, but a fine solo failed to goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes. Two minutes later, a Kittel side puller went over the gate of the home side.

Dynamo Dresden, on the other hand, has not yet completely averted the direct descent. The Saxons had to be satisfied with a 1-1 (0: 0) in the home game against Jahn Regensburg on Saturday, but with 31 points there are hardly any more relegation rank 16.

Christoph Daferner (73.) scored 1-0 for the hosts, Andreas Albers (88th), the equalization was achieved. Erzgebirge Aue can still pass Dynamo with three wins. FC Ingolstadt is determined as a relegation.

Dynamo Dresden has to adjust to relegation

However, the distance from Dynamo to SV Sandhausen in position 15 is seven points, so that Dresden must adjust to the relegation duel against the third of the 3rd division.

Already in the sixth minute, Michael Akoto put a shot against the latte for a first exclamation mark from the host’s perspective. The Dresdeners started with a lot of vigor, but the game flattened out in the further course.

Goal opportunities remained in short supply on both sides. Akoto was only involved again in the 43rd minute, but he did not hit the ball right six meters before the goal, so that Jahn captain Benedikt Gimber could still block the shot.

Hansa Rostock secures relegation

Meanwhile, promoted Hansa Rostock made the relegation prematurely. The team of coach Jens Härtel reached a 0-0 (0-0) against SC Paderborn and thus eliminated the last doubts on his own. Hansa now has 40 points on the account, Paderborn (48) will probably end a decent season in the upper midfield.

Aue now Relegated! | Darmstadt 98 - Erzgebirge Aue 6-0 | Highlights | MD 32 – Bundesliga 2 - 21/22

“As long as this is not arisen, there is no reason to reduce,” Härtel said before the game and warned: “We have to call up 100 percent. Everyone wants to achieve the goal as soon as possible.”

The Baltic Sea Stadium was well filled in the expectation – and Hansa had the first major chance of the game through John Verhoek (8th). The Rostock top scorer failed on SCP goalkeeper Jannik Huth, who was on hand with his foot.

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As a result, Markus Kolke focused on, the Hansa goalkeeper prevented the best away team of the 2nd division with several glossy parades.

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