Gladbach | Vogts sees no real alternative to Hütter

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The former national coach Berti Vogts misses strong men after the departure of Max Eberls director Max Eberl at the Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“What I miss in the Max Eberling field: real leaders at all levels,” wrote Vogts in his column for the “Rheinische Post”.

Eberl was one of them. Everyone would have rely on him. “He certainly made mistakes,” said Vogts, “but in his era Borussia knocked on the door to the Champions League and took part three times there, we knocked on the door to relegation this season. This must not be the claim of this club the goal should always be in the upper third of the league. “

Despite the disappointing season, Vogts advocates further cooperation with coach Adi Hütter. “Many demand a change of coach, but I don’t see a real alternative to Hütter. He has a good name, he has proven that he can build good teams. And I think Hütter has the ambition to show that he is with Borussia Mönchengladbach can be as successful as with Bern and Frankfurt, “wrote the world champion from 1974.

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