Pokemon GO: Research breakthrough May 2022 – with Alola

The Alola season in Pokémon Go will soon be over, over half of the time you could have fun with Alola-Pokémon and other pocket monsters. And of course there is again a Pokémon in May 2022 at the Alola season, which originally comes from the canto region in its alola form and can now be pulled out of the research breakthrough every seven days.


Pokémon GO: Research breakthrough May 2022 with Alola-Smeima

The Alola variant of a Pokémon is characterized by the fact that this Pokémon has adapted to the conditions of the region. Most recently, Alola-Knogga was guaranteed in April through the research breakthrough. The Mon of the type of fire and spirit, and used to be a real killer as a raid boss. At Alola-Smeima it doesn’t look quite as blatant if we can be so honest.

Attention, dear coach of Pokémon Go, pay attention to the timing! From May 1, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. to June 1, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. , you will receive Alola-Smeima from the research breakthrough and if you are lucky, you will encounter it in its dazzling variant. It is interesting that an ordinary SMeima is green in its dazzling variant; Like Alola-Smeima. Alola-Smeima, on the other hand, is Lila in its dazzling form; So like the normal SMEMA. Don’t be confused by it!

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