U23 travels rested and with a full squad to Sprockhövel

After two packed weeks, in which the U23 played five league games and had to go across their limits in phases, the eagle wearers were finally happy about a game -free Sunday last weekend. And while the young eagles enjoyed a few training-free days and put their legs up, the Oberliga competition has followed up and the table of the relegation round has so far straightened. All teams have now played at least three games in the new round. “It is now a bit smooth, that’s right. The table does not yet have a big meaning for me, but a game day with the direct duels can change too much, ”says coach Kieran Schulze-Marmeling with a view of the remaining seven league games. At least currently the upholstery on Victoria Clarholz, which is in seventh place and thus the first relegation zone, is six points. On Sunday (3 p.m., Baumhof Arena), the game schedule then leads the U23 to the league leader, TSG Sprockhövel.

“The break was definitely good for body and soul,” continues Schulze-Marmeling, who also left his team at home last week. “On Monday we had a really strong training, it was fun. The boys all have great desire to play again. ”Because the personnel situation has largely relaxed in time, the U23 can almost use the entire squad on Sunday. “Unfortunately, we still lack Lukas Ayyildiz and one or two boys who have some training gap are out of the question for the first eleven. For me, however, there will be one or the other difficult decision, ”said the coach.

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The TSG Sprockhövel is well on the way to securing the relegation. With 32 points, they are two points in front of the eagle carriers and eight before the relegation places. “You have a very good team that has been to the promotion round on the threshold throughout the season. I would rather classify them from the quality, ”says Schulze-Marmeling, who continues to emphasize:“ They also want to play football and are not so unlike us. In any case, an exciting opponent that we look forward to! “

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