My Hero Academias creator shares a related message at the end of the series

At present, one of the _ shonen _ most acclaimed of pop culture is _ my hero academy _ , a series that puts the training of students as the main theme to become professional heroes. History that could come to an end soon, this through a message that the creator made known to fans not long ago.

My Hero Academia - Ending 8 | Ashiato -Footprints-

During the past winter, _ Kohei Horikoshi _ , he caught attention when he commented that if everything goes as planned, this series of sleeves will come to an end within approximately one year. With his argument on the table, fans are concerned with knowing if it will be a worthy closure for the franchise or it will be something abrupt as it has happened with more works.

Here the translation of the message of _ Horikoshi _ made by a fan on Twitter:

I feel that I can finally see the goal. It is a fairly strange sensation to reach this point. In the past, I just drew without worrying, but now I wonder how many more times I can draw these characters. The change is terrifying, as well as aging. Until the next volume then!

The manga itself, has already been giving clues that history will soon reach its end imminently. Since the confrontation between heroes and villains is more latent than ever. We will finally know how _ Midoriya _ became the greatest hero of all time.

In more anime news, the new trailer of _ Super Dragon Ball Heroes _ was shared recently. Here you will find the full note.

Editor’s note : It will certainly be nostalgic to give a farewell to the work. However, it is better to be so, after all the author does not want to stagnate all his life with a single project.

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