Kailla Posey, girl famous for a fun meme dies

Today is a fateful day for the Internet, but especially for a family, as the program participant _ Toddlers & Tiaras _ , _ Kailia Posey _ , died at their young age of 16. In case you don’t know her, the young woman was viral on social networks due to a rather specific grimace, that led her to be very famous.

Kailia Posey, Toddlers & Tiaras' Kailia Posey Dies at 16

All that information was released by her mother, the lady _ Marcy Posey Gatterman _ . Here a message addressed to people who follow her in _ Facebook _ :

I have no words or thoughts. A beautiful girl is g1. Give us privacy as we regret the loss of Kailia. My girl forever.

It is worth commenting that the causes of her death have not been confirmed by her family, although it is possible that within some time more information will be known in this regard.

The girl went viral for the grimace already mentioned in the program known as _ Toddlers & Tiaras _ , which was broadcast on American channels of the year 2009 to 2013 . Where parents prepared their children to participate in beauty competitions. Right in one of those episodes appeared _ Kailia _ , with the image of her that immortalized her forever.

Editor’s note : No doubt a very sad news, since a life full of happiness and future was appreciated. However, accidents can go from nowhere in the world we live. On the other hand, diseases are also an evil that afflicts us without being able to do much about it.

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