How to get an eagle claws in Destiny 2

The legendary Destiny 2 competition, the iron banner, separates the strong from the weak. For those who can survive on the hunt and climb to the top, Lord Saladin has an impressive set of weapons.

Orl claws this The legendary intelligence rifle can be obtained through Lord Saladin Iron Banner . It falls out of the engrams received for the surrender of the tokens of the Iron Banner and the execution of contracts.

claws of eagle rolls

God Roll

shockproof frame *
barrel : a brake with an arrow – significantly reduces the return and increases the processing speed.
magazine : Accurized Rounds – increases range
Sign 1 *: The full automatic system of the trigger is an automatic setting of the next shot in the queue after a shot if you hold the trigger
Damn 2 : Explosive Payload – shares 50% damage to a part of explosive damage, which inflicted 30% more damage. The detonation timer depends on stretching and distance.
The workshop of the line : Stability
* Modification of weapons : Reserve store – Shop +3

possible benefits

shockproof frame *
barrel : The switching brake, a corrugated trunk, a small trunk, a compensator with a chamber, an elongated barrel, corkscrew rifles, full -pass, forged rifles, polygonal rifles
Magazine : Tactical store, additional store, enlarged store, neat cartridges, stable cartridges, an alloy store, flared Magwell
Sign 1 *: Outlaw, Strong landing, fully automatic launch system, Zen Moment, threat detector detector
Damn 2 : explosive combat load, ambitious killer, riot, first shot, moving target, capture from the hip
The workshop of the line : reloading speed, stability

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