A new image of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero unites Goku, Vegeta and Broly

NEW Dragon Ball Super Super Hero FIRST LOOK! Broly RETURNS And Is Training With Goku And More!
Summer will be a enjoyment for Japan, since it already has enough anime films on the way, the clearest examples are _ One Piece Red _ , an OVA of _ my hero academy _ and of course, _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _ . Work that was originally going to see its premiere at the end of April, but that had to be delayed by an accident that _ toei animation _ suffered in its system.

Despite this, the Saiyan movie continues to work, and when the most recent images circulate, some wonder what role the character of _ Broly _ will have, who in the past delivery was the antagonist. Which in the end has a truce, and for the moment it does not present a threat to the earth and its respective inhabitants.

The user of _ Twitter _ , _ dbshype _ , shared this new promotional photo for the feature film that shows how _ Goku, Vegeta and Broly _ will have an important role in the next movie. Demonstrating that they will be the ones who are going to fight against the new robots of the _ Red Patrol _ , the latter being the main antagonistic force to defeat.

Other characters that will take relevance in _ Dragon ball super: super hero _ are _ gohan _ and _ piccoro _ , who apparently will have to do dumbbell to save the daughter of the Saiyan, bread. There will be a small look at the new aspect of _ Goten _ and _ Trunks _ , which in this film are all teenagers, implying the course of the years.

In news related to this anime franchise. A fan performs a study, in which he demonstrates how possible the use of the Genkidama against the last adversary of Z. If you want This incredible theory of accumulation of human energy.

_ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _ premieres on June 11 in Japan **.

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