Blizzard calls a vice

After having started a new official of diversity, equity and inclusion in the person of Kristen Hines, Blizzard formalized the arrival of Jessica Martinez, former Disney parks, to become the boss of the culture of business.

Sodapoppin blizzard call w/ CS superstar Zack
This recruitment obviously proves the revelations, heavy and numerous, which were made in 2021 vis-à-vis the toxic culture of the company, between harassment, attacks and sexism. Blizzard director Mike Ybarra had announced the arrival of several new heads to straighten the bar and devote himself solely to these questions. The goal: to make the studio again an environment where everyone “pour will learn, grow and bring their most creative share to their work“, according to the official press release.

Jessica Martinez will be at the head of the team “learning and development“, will work closely with communication and event management, but also with the various departments and managers in order to anchor new practices at Blizzard.

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