The Overwatch League reveals the biggest problem with Overwatch 2

Thanks to an extensive opening weekend with Overwatch League games, attentive fans and frowned skeptics offered a first long look last weekend how Overwatch 2 was played at the highest level. While the actual publication date of Overwatch 2 still seems to be a further distance, this year’s eSport season will run on an advanced build of the game and give fans the opportunity to see some of the new maps and modes in action.

Technically speaking, the fans also had the opportunity to see the new heroine Sojourn in action – even though she didn’t show up all weekend. Instead, there were much more overwatch capitals such as Genji and Solider this weekend: 76 The focus was on early champions of the new Metagame after years of ability to compete and made the game look like it would feel in the early days.

On the one hand, the absence of Sojourn is good news – for once, Blizzard seems to have introduced a hero who has not significantly changed the game (that is, broken). It shows that the changes that are made for the sequel really aim at what the everyday hardcore players of Overwatch are looking for: a focus on balance, on making as many combinations of heroes as possible and not having to learn How to do this they play a completely new game every time a new hero enters the scene.

For fans of the competitive side of Overwatch, the previous changes have brought the game back to where it started, with the OWL matches showing a meta this weekend that avoids years-like durability and shield-dependent team compositions and instead preferred mobility and skill based heroes. The result was a number of games that reached much closer to the original OWL season, with large solo games and head shots that really influenced the game flow again. For the first time in years, Overwatch is playing its strengths again – it is a shooter, not a moba, and that’s very good.

Although Sojourn did not appear, a variety of Overwatch heroes turned out to be relevant in the new 5V5 format. The majority of the teams carried out a meta guided by Winston, with Soldier: 76 and Genji as Damage and Lúcio and Ana as support, but we also saw a number of different styles that appeared to contest the meta. Tanks such as the newly revised Doomfist and Roadhog, the classic sniper heroes Widowmaker and Hanzo and supporters such as Mercy and Baptiste all appeared on cards that benefited from their specific skills. The diversity of the heroes shown by the professional players indicates that Overwatch 2 will bring the balance of the game to a healthier place than it was apparently forever.

On the other hand, not everyone who is looking forward to Overwatch 2 will be strictly interested in metas and ideal team compositions, so the news that the game will play again as in 2016 will probably not donate much comfort. While competing hero shooter games such as Valorant and Apex Legends have regularly received new cards and characters in recent years, Overwatch has not received a new hero since Echo in April 2020. Fans who are looking for an explanation why their preferred live service game has not received the same love and attention as these other games will certainly find that their disappointment will become frustration, because without the presence of the new Heroes. And with just a few new cards and one tank less on the battlefield it becomes clear how little Overwatch has changed.

Whatever the answers to Overwatch 2 you can get when watching the Overwatch League this weekend, nothing comes close to answering the recurring question: Why did Overwatch need a sequel at all? Blizzard can refer to the still unfinished aspects of the new game-the redesign of the heroes, the improved engine, the big budget pve mode-and claim that all of this content required more time and resources, but fans are still becoming Questions why this would not have been possible without cutting regular content for those who are still playing the game.

Why could Sojourn and the new cards and the 5-against-5 format be unveiled in a traditional way, so that fans could also enjoy the same content as the Overwatch League professionals at the same time? Why could hero redesigns not be unveiled and implemented in temporary events such as this? D.VA Nano Cola challenge 2018? Why could larger functions, such as PVE mode, be announced as a large, paid expansion that are published years later and not at the expense of support for the game that people should still play?

It is not the case that Blizzard has no answers to all questions mentioned above – it is the case that these answers will be all the more difficult to justify after the opening weekend of the Overwatch League. The fans will turn on to see a game that looks very similar to it at home, and find that the biggest change so far is that the game feels like in 2016 – a look that will be all the more difficult to describe as positive after two years of dwindling support for active players.

The Big Problem with Overwatch 2
It’s all a shame, because the work that has been done for Overwatch 2 previously seems to be pretty good. Removing the additional tank and the controversial 2CP mode from the game gives Overwatch the opportunity to regain what it was so much fun playing. It is still a game in which team-ups and the coordination of skills make up the biggest difference between victory and defeat, but it also feels as if players can pull out a miraculous game with enough skill and that Flood of a change game. Overwatch has its own unique mix of strategy and skills that cannot be found anywhere, and it is a relief to see that the game will use this uniqueness again.

It is only regrettable that after all this time it feels like these changes had been at the expense of the players who have been waiting for the longest. Somewhere between the Overwatch League, which shows a perfect weekend with games that could only be repetitions of the opening season for the inexperienced eye, and the message from an overwatch 2 patch that repairs one thing while breaks another, it is Very difficult to believe that Overwatch 2 is really everything that is more than two years of content that has been hooked away and stored for a rainy day.

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