The best moments from the world premiere Best Arrow: Maverik – Tom Kruz put a helicopter on an aircraft carrier

A few days ago, the premiere of the “best shooter: Maveric” was held, and right on board the Midway aircraft carrier-the first ship of this type participated in the Vietnamese War, and now moored in San Diego, California, as a museum.

Paramount shared the slicing of the best moments, including the arrival of Tom Cruise, which he himself put a helicopter on the deck. The actor is anxious about his projects and even personally developed a training program for himself and colleagues, so he could well crank up the following with a fighter.

Top Gun: Maverick | Global Red Carpet Premiere Livestream!
In the sequel, the main musical theme of which was the composition performed by Lady Gaga, as-instructor Maverik (Cruz) helps to spread the wings of the rooster (Miles Teleler)-the son of his deceased friend of the Goose. The film has already watched Kojima Hideo, and his delight knows no boundaries.

Trailer “Best Arrow: Maverik” two months before the premiere

And producer Jerry Brookhaimer told a funny story: the US Navy spotted an attempt by a Chinese satellite to shoot a Darkstar hypersonic aircraft (“Dark Star”), invented specifically for the picture-the model based on the prototype of the unmanned SR-72 from the American Lockheed Martin was so realistic.

“Best shooter: Maverik” will be released outside of Russia on May 27.

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