“ART OF RALLY” Free Update of Indonesia Stage 2022 Scheduled to be distributed -Gamuran -like BGM trailer release

Canada’s Indie Belopper FUNSELEKTOR announced on May 13 that the next free content update “Indonesia” for the currently available racing game “ art of rally ” will be implemented in 2022 and released a teaser trailer. bottom.

This game is a single play work with a viewpoint that was released in 2020.

A number of vehicles inspired by the golden age of the World Rally Championships, “Career” that moves around countries, “Time Attack” aims to be the fastest in leadership boards, and enjoy a race with AI cars with your favorite settings. You can enjoy a variety of game modes, such as “Custom Rally”, “Online Event” compatible with “online events”, which are updated every day/weekly updated, and “free driving”, which has a collection element that allows you to run freely on a larger stage than normal mode.

The green tropical Indonesia added

This time, it has been announced that the new free content update “Indonesia”, set in the lush tropical Indonesia, following the “KENYA” update held in August 2021, was announced.

In this update, in addition to the six new courses, a new area corresponding to the “free driving” mode that can be enjoyed in a different taste from the main part will be added. The trailer released along with the announcement allows you to confirm the Gamuran -like BGM by Slava Korystov (Tatreal), who will continue to be in charge of the song. By the way, he has lived in Indonesia, the stage of the update since 2020.

Acharya Teaser - Megastar Chiranjeevi | Koratala Siva | Niranjan Reddy | Ram Charan

This “Indonesia” update is scheduled for all compatible models in 2022.

“ART OF RALLY”, which is recommended for racing fans overlooking the viewpoint, is a PC (Epic Games Store/Gog.com/Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X 。 The Microsoft Store also supports Xbox / PC Game Pass (the cloud in Ultimate). In addition, reviews and developer mini -interlections are also posted at this GAME*Spark.

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