How to prepare aromatic seasonings and dishes in the Genshin Impact Spitses from the West event

The Genshin Impact event “Spices from the West” introduces a traveler with Nazafarin, a researcher from a punch who helps a friend to make a seasoning that will bring happiness to the world. The event is held from from May 14, 2022 to June 7, 2022 and open to all players The Adventure of the Ranni 28 and above who performed a quest called idle conversation about the teapot .

Spices From the West Guide | Free 420 PRIMOGEMS | Genshin Impact Event

All suitable players will automatically receive an event of events called Guest from the Western Kingdoms . Follow the instructions of the quest to talk with Nazafarin and start preparing seasonings.

How to prepare seasonings in the Genshin Impact Spitses from the West event

Click on details of the event to gain access to all seasoning recipes that will open gradually during the first seven days of the event. Select the recipe, collect these ingredients and click cook to start seasoning. You will need to prepare all recipes to get Primogem awards, so try to collect ingredients in universal stores and in the world.

To play in a culinary mini-game, pay attention to the ingredient is allocated at the top of the screen . This means that the ingredient that you need to place in the pot.

Vertical strip in the lower part of the screen will continue to move left and right. As soon as this aligns

Repeat the same action until the mini-game ends. However, be careful with seven spoons in the lower part of the screen, which mean your number of “lives”. Each time the vertical strip passes by the wrong ingredient, one spoon disappears . This will happen even if you do not put the ingredient in the pan. As soon as all the spoons disappear, the game will end unsuccessfully.

To avoid failure in the mini-game, do not forget to catch the ingredients you need as soon as the strip coincides with the corresponding sensors. If you fail, do not worry, as you can try an unlimited number of times.

How to cook fragrant dishes in the Genshin Impact Spitses from the West event

In the events menu, click Use the reference Prepare dishes using the fragrant seasonings that you get in the mini-game. You can create only aromatic dishes, if you have very tasty dish from the list of options. Delicious dishes can be obtained by achieving perfect cooking.

Below, the menu will indicate how much seasoning it is worth cooking. You will receive the same amount of aromatic dishes depending on the number of seasonings you use, but additional dishes are randomly selected.

For example, if you prepare a delicious jewelry soup using two fragrant seasonings, you can get one fragrant jewelry soup and one fragrant tofu from crab caviar. This allows you to receive recipes that you do not have.

Fragrant dishes can be presented Comrades in the Serenitea pot to unlock replicas and get partnership experience (three for each unlocked seasoning recipe). Since the maintenance of Serenitea Pot is still ongoing, you can give dishes only to existing characters before further notification.

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