Lost Ark details the plan to continue fighting against the bots

The popular Free-To-Play Videogame Arca Lost has not been available for a long time in North America, but although it only launched earlier this year, it continues to have problems with the bots over and over again. Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have continued to strive to solve the problem and fight the bots, and now they have provided an update on how he intends to continue fighting the current problem with them.

“Sinceloss_ launched, we have been fighting a war against the bots that are infiltrated in Arkesia,” reads partly in the official update. but we are working on multiple fronts to fight them ».

The update continues to point out that it has taken a series of different steps so far and will continue to take more, but that you cannot share all the details because it would facilitate the subversion of the new measures. That said, the people who work in arca losida are “working in close collaboration with Easy Anti Cheat to improve their support of _arca losses Roads for Bots abuse. We are also exploring new ways to help fight bots native to scale ».

However, in particular, the update also points out that, although something like Captcha or the authentication of two factors could probably help, it would need “considerable changes in the platform and architecture” to be able to work with ARCA LOST. Similarly, the verification of the owner of the account in the real world is “a less realistic solution,” according to Amazon Games. However, the update does not indicate that you continue to explore options to obtain more tools to combat bots abuse.

As noted earlier, Arca Lost is officially available for PC through Steam as a free title. You can consult all our previous coverage of Arca Lost Here.

The BOT Problem in LOST ARK
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