Meijer in an interview: match winner? Havertz can be a man for such days

Mr. Meijer, in which comparison is it 3: 0 in the Duel Netherlands against Germany?

Phew, unfortunately I don’t know that right now.

Three Dutch trainers have already won a FA Cup final, only on Saturday the first German.

Okay, yes, there is nice with our rivalry(laughs) _.

What three were it?

_ (carefully)Louis van Gaal…. Guus Hiddink… and…

“I Don’t Give A F**! We Just Won The Champions League!

Ruud Gullit in the 90s with Chelsea.

Yes, that’s right. That was nice success.

Let’s look at the opponent Liverpool: How many titles will the Reds have at the end of this season? One, two, three or four?

When it comes to prices, you have to see that your boys are fit. Jürgen Klopp managed that well. I hope there are four. But to get the championship with three points and seven goals behind, it will be very difficult. Mancity is just incredibly good. And the Champions League final against Real? Yes very much. If you win the FA Cup, that’s something special. So three out of four would also be great.

Expected three titles from Liverpool: Erik Meijer. Imago/Revierfoto

The final in Paris is not a sure -fire success, masters will probably have to win the pressure for Liverpool suddenly, so that it does not remain with “only” one title?

You can’t see that. All of this is very scarce and balanced, there are two great teams opposite each other on Saturday. It wasn’t by chance that Chelsea won the Champions League in 2021. This will be an interesting chess game. I suspect that Liverpool will have the ball more often and Thomas Tuchel will also like to see this in order to be able to counter then. But both think aggressively, so we can hope for many opportunities.

The three draws in the previous duels between Chelsea and Liverpool show how balanced things are. What is the decision in Wembley on Saturday?

I think the stars make the difference to such a day.

Who could that be?

Sadio Mané and Mo Salah are the trump cards at Liverpool, Kai Havertz has already proven on the other hand that he can be a man for such days.

If strikers have self -confidence, they also meet.

Erik Meijer

Could Romelu Lukaku be another factor?

Yes, after we first saw little of him, he now has more confidence. And if strikers have confidence, they also meet. He is one who can hurt Virgil van Dijk.

Speaking of: With all the offensive stars of the Reds – if all the victories of Liverpool without van dijk were not possible, is he the key?

As a leader, definitely as a leadership figure. He is Klopp’s extended arm on the pitch, he only led to this level with goalkeeper Alisson Liverpool.

Chelsea is probably third in the league. Can one speak of a successful season in view of the circumstances and, regardless of Saturday, or would have been possible?

Yes, I think it was a successful season. It is good in a league with a city and Liverpool. And when you consider what was triggered by the war and novel Abramovich’s end at Chelsea, they have drained it well to the finish.

But now two central defenders go: Antonio Rüdiger zu Real, Andreas Christensen to Barca as it looks. Can Chelsea intercept that in his own ranks?

No, a real top reinforcement is needed, but of course that is difficult on this competitive market.

Are you actually superstitious?

No, how come?

On May 14, Liverpool lost a FA Cup final, 1988 against FC Wimbledon…

Yes, that was a big surprise. Not with the game, I was a bit older, but as a child I always sat in front of the television with cheap cola and chips and enjoyed the only broadcast from England once a year: the final in this competition.

or should be played this time on May 16, because on this date you have scored two goals 22 years ago for the Reds in the farewell game for Ronnie Moran…

Yes, right, against Celtic. But no, we prefer to leave the whole thing on a weekend with this great tradition(laughs) _.

If we already have them on the phone – a quick glance at City: Will the Skyblues with Erling Haaland be even better?

He will have to change, this is clear because it will have significantly fewer spaces than in Dortmund, but of course he has the quality to score many goals for Mancity.

We close the circle with a Dutch trainer: Erik ten Hag to Manchester United. Can he only win because everything is in ruins? Or is it risky because only a few top stars come despite the high salarys to then do without the Champions League?

I think that he takes a risk with the step to Manchester because there is a lot in the Argen at the moment.
I don’t know if ten Hag is doing it.
Then again to Wembley – how about?
3: 2 for Liverpool – this time after 90 minutes.

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