The new chapter of the roots of horror starts in Dead by Daylight in early June

Behavior Interactive held a direct presentation dedicated to the 6th anniversary of the multi-user horror explosion Dead by Daylight. During the broadcast, the developers shared new details about the future of the game, and also announced the next chapter called the roots of horror. She starts on June 7, 2022 and will delight fans with the new killer of dirt, who survived Haddie Kaur and the Card of Happiness.

In addition to the 24th chapter, the Behavior team also announced two upcoming collaborations. The first will be held with the famous anime-franchise “Attack on the Titans.” It is purely cosmetic and will bring 10 skins for survivors and killers. For example, Dwight can become Eren, Zarina – Hanji, and they are armored titanium.

The second collaboration looks more interesting, because it consists in the new chapter based on Resident Evil. Last year, on the 5th anniversary, such characters as the surviving Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, as well as the villain Nemesis, were already about and added this. There is no information about the same chapter, except for the name “Project W”, the date is 2022, the short teaser trailer and the announcement that it will add “even more characters from the legendary horror franchise.”


Also, during the broadcast, the new Simulator of the Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylighting Dating SIM was announced.

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