Rune Factory 5 may go to PC this summer

In March, a farm simulator with RPG Rune Factory 5 elements from Hakama developer became available to Nintendo Switch for residents of North America and Europe. This game is still an exclusive for a hybrid console, but it seems that this summer can change.

In the SteamDB database, a page with Rune Factory 5 was discovered, which indicates that on July 13 the release of the game in Steam, that is, on personal computers. However, it is worth considering that this may turn out to be a simple playlder.

Starting a New Save File in Rune Factory 5 (English version)!

There was no official announcement about the date of release from the developers, as well as the announcement of the release of the game on the PC. However, given the past experience with the Rune Factory 4 Special, which was released at the end of 2021 on the consoles of the past generation and personal computers, the date presented at SteamDB may be really the day of the Rune Factory 5 release in Steam.

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