6 months in prison for having harassed and threatened a popular French streamer

The Internet has many good things, but also some bad, such as some Internet users imagine that the anonymity that their screens give them gives them permission to do everything. Over the years, harassment and threats have become increasingly numerous and represent a true scourge.

Under a pseudonym that hides its identity, unfortunately there are some people who cross the red line and become digital stalkers. In 2014, the French State has taken a first step against the cyberbullying by adding article 222-33-2 to the Criminal Code , a reformed law in 2018 that establishes that the cyberbullying is an aggravated form of moral harassment.

A prison sentence

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Streamer Mahla filed a complaint against a 27 -year -old man for moral harassment through an online communication service . The man sent him countless messages and hoped she would help him become streamer. In addition, he sometimes said he was in love, sounding very threatening. In particular, he declared during her trial:“I would have liked to meet her. I don’t wish you any evil. “

A psychiatric report was also presented to the magistrates who revealed schizophrenic features and stressed the deterioration of the discernment of the accused.

The court sentenced him to a year in prison, of which six months are suspended, accompanied by the prohibition of contacting the victim for 3 years and exercising streamer’s professional activity for 5 years .

More and more cases of this type that go to court are, but unfortunately the cyberbullying is still too present in the networks. But he is still encouraging and shows that Anonymity on the web is not guaranteed, and rightly, when the law is violated .

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