RNG Jukai Director There was no preferential ˝

RNG’s director Kenju Jukai said, “There was no preference.”

On the 29th, the winner interview was conducted shortly after the end of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) final. In this remote interview, Kenju Jukai RNG replied, “I don’t think it’s preferential to have a competition online.” “I think this controversy can occur outside at any time due to e-sports stocks,” he said. “It’s too bad to go to Busan site.”

RNG participated online because of China’s defense policy. In the process, it was controversial that even though he had made the speed of response to the entire economic response based on their own, and did not use the cam and headset, and violated the dress.

There was even suspicion that the economic schedule was also in favor of RNG. At the time of the Rumble Stage, the number of atmospheric games was seven, overwhelming compared to other teams. This problem was especially controversial last year, so I bought fans even more. On the day of the final, he started the game without any opening ceremony. Naturally, I was able to focus on the game conveniently.

Although there was a clarification of Riot Games, the fans responded to the inconvenience. Unlike the previous explanation that the economic environment could not be perfect due to the blockade of Shanghai, the RNG practice room was delivered in the RNG practice room. This is due to the recent blockade, which means that it was possible to create an environment similar to the headset and the stadium.

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RNG won the first three championship with the 2022 MSI championship. However, as suspicions have accumulated without clear clarification of the controversy, both of their wins and records have faded.

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