Its hard to proceed anymore, the total set of the Top M character specification method of God

No matter how good the characters are, you will be blocked in a certain section as you proceed. To solve this problem, you first think of the level of characters. But this method takes a long time, so it’s hard to expect fast specs up.

In addition to how to raise the level of God’s Top M, you can raise the specifications of the characters in various ways.

▣ Equipment/Starting weapon strengthening, transcendence

First of all, when the story or rice cooker content is blocked, the most basic thing is to strengthen the equipment. The reinforcement system enhances the stats of the equipment equipped with the characters using tempered stones. Up to 30 stages can be done, and lower reinforcement stones up to 1 to 10 reinforcement, 11-20 reinforcement, intermediate tempered stone, and finally 21-30 reinforcement. 10 It may fail to reinforce strengthening, but if you fail, the reinforcement stage may fall.

Enhancement, which is necessary for reinforcement, can be obtained mainly by killing monsters, disassembling equipment, or producing. It can be purchased using ‘Breath of God’ and ‘God of God’ in the shops. However, how to purchase using these items is limited, so be careful when purchasing. Equipment transcendence uses transcendental materials to increase the additional effects of the equipment. Depending on the grade of the transcendental equipment, the necessary materials are divided and can be transcended up to six stages.

In addition, each character has a dedicated start-up weapon, and the weapons are different in the strength of the material, but the method of strengthening is the same as the general equipment. However, when transcending, the same start weapon is used as a material.

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▣ Character transcendence

Mainly drawn, there are times when a character already has a new character than a new character, which can be a better opportunity. Duplicate characters can be used to transcend the character, and transcendence is a system that strengthens the character’s stats and skills.

For example, the legendary character ‘Bongbong Endorsi’ character, for example, 100% additional physical damage to the skill ‘triple kick’, and 2 seconds to give you a hidden effect for 3 seconds using ‘Bongbong Dash’ You can get it. To make the character more powerful, it’s best to try transcendence using duplicate characters.

▣ Skill Level Up

The skills used by the characters also level up the skill effect is more powerful than before. To raise the skill level, you need a skillbook item, but you need to check the skillbook you need for each character and raise the skill level. In addition, it is necessary to raise the character level as much as possible as the skill level up depends on the character’s level.

Skillbooks are mainly divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and each time the skill level goes up, the rating of the necessary skillbooks rises. Skillbooks can be obtained mainly in various places such as trials, production, markets, and shops.

▣ Strengthening Shinsu

If the equipment is strengthened and the transcendence fails, the ‘fork flowers’ flower’ can be obtained, and the flower can be used in the ‘Shinsu Strengthening’ system, which can increase the stats for each location. By character, there are various positions such as ‘anglers’, ‘lighthouse’ and ‘waves’, so you can raise the level according to the character you have. However, one of the nine capabilities is random when raising the level, so be careful.

▣ God’s Skill Leveltory

If you register items other than the items installed in the current character in ‘God’s Skill Leveltory’, you can get a level effect and collection effect. However, the level effect can increase the stats of all characters, but the collection effect is a good idea to register the item according to the necessary effects. As the Skill Leveltory level rises, you can get different effects from each of them and up to 10 levels.

▣ Talk

There is a ‘ties’ system that gives each character a gift to increase the stats of the characters and the maximum level of ties. There are different characters in the relationship between ‘Night’ and ‘Violet’, which are the main characters of the game. However, in order to raise intimacy by character, you must have the character. It is good to raise the stats you need as you have the stats that each character acquires by level.

The character’s intimacy rating can be raised using the ‘Starlight’ item after raising the intimacy level to the maximum. The item can be obtained as a daily achievement of ‘white iron eel’ by the shop or administrator. The ‘gift box’ required when raising the intimacy level can be obtained mainly at the tower or store of trials.

▣ Guild buff/administrator’s trial buff effect

If you do not belong to your guild, it is recommended to join the guild and receive a guild buff. This is because the stats can be obtained according to the level of the guild and the guild members. In addition, in the ‘Ranker War’, which is a lot of talented people, if your guild is in a certain ranking, you can get a buff effect that enhances damage and fatal stats with the honorary hall reward. Only guild members who participated in the ranking war can obtain a buff effect, and the acquired effects should be applied until the Ranker War season ends.

In addition, you can get a buff effect in the ‘administrator’s trials’, which can be obtained in a certain rank in the boss ‘Red Armored Eel’. The acquired stats can be seen in the left ‘buff effect’ column.

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