Minecraft: The Wild Update 1.91 Released

Mojang released the most up to date update 1.91 Bush from Minecraft (from EUR 18.98 when purchasing) as component of the in-house Messe Minecraft Live.

As the name Bush currently discloses, the brand-new update ought to enable extra expedition and adventure. 1.19 presents two new biomes: The Deep Dark and also Mangrov merges.

It will certainly be dark

New AI sidekick and also frogs

With the Abate there is additionally a brand-new mob in the video game that you can provide things where it brings you back the same method.
It is likewise fascinating that a new pet varieties in the substantial animals of Minecraft. These can develop from tadpoles and adapt their look to the respective biome temperature.

In The Deep Dark you see the remains of a shed stone city and also find sculk blocks, sculk-shrieker, sculk sensors and sculk stimulants. With the products there is likewise a new eyeless mini employer, the gamer sniffs and also feels their vibrations.

In the mangrove merges you will find many trees, in addition to a brand-new kind of timber and also mud that can be refined into blocks.

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