The Summer Game Fest will return in 2023 and verifies: it will do face -to -face competence to E3

The news was made at the end of today’s streaming, so there was very little time to comment and it was just minimal to announcing its plans to attract the general public, face to face, in the direction of a Summer Game Fest currently consecrated after the termination of E3 2022.

The next appointment with Geoff Keighty will go to the Gamescom August 2023 The strategies of the Canadian communicator do not capture us by surprise. A couple of days back, when those in charge of the E3 declared again to reopen the doors in 2023, Geoff Keighty left a mystical message on Twitter equated as an I accept the challenge of dealing with the hitherto excellent globe computer game fair.

On the various other hand, Geoff Keighty can see him again this year at the Gamescom 2022 and the The Video Game Awards of December .

Summer Game Fest started in 2020, as an electronic choice to the E3 canceled by the wellness dilemma triggered by COVID-19 and also after leaving the reasonable months prior to Geoff Keighty, movie critic with the company of the Convention. I have made the hard decision not to produce E3 Coliseum. For the initial time in 25 years, I will certainly not take part in the E3 , he stated after that, in a difficult statement versus ESA.

While we still recover from the Summer Game Fest 2022 that has left us many trailers, with a filtered bombing hours before its program, Geoff Keight has introduced that the occasion will certainly return within year with an important uniqueness: it will bank on a hybrid format, verifying validating So it will certainly take on E3 2023, although presently it is unidentified with what degree of ambition.

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