Sandbox Interactive revealed details 16

The Sandbox Interactive studio told more details about the 16th season of guilds in MMORPG with the open world of Albion Online, which will begin today, June 11.

This season, castles and castle outposts received changes in the layout, and their visual component was also processed. Passive generation of glasses was canceled, and chests now produce power for owners, appearing on the territory along the timer.

The new crystal arena is actually a classic arena with matches on a crystal league map with a knockdown mechanics. A crystal league without deaths will give players access to nine levels of battle without losing all equipment, unlike a regular league.

To maintain the balance of seasons, the progress of some levels of power was accelerated. Cursed dungeons, crystal spiders and treasures of prohibitives now accelerate level progress.

The awards of the season were unique sets of avatars, bonuses to glory and Mount Crystal Hippo.

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