Ethereum falls 26% over a week… Diffi Bank Run concern ↑

The Ethereum (ETH) quote, which recorded more than $ 1,700 by the 10th, fell to $ 1,360 on the 3rd. It is analyzed that the anxiety of operating in ETH-related depins has influenced the market price drop.

According to the global cryptocurrency average price aggregate site coin market cap, the ETH price is $ 1,360 as of 10 am on the 13th. It has fallen about 10% over the last 24 hours and about 26% in a week.

The analysis that the STETH concern, which exchanges with ETH in one-on-one in the deposit of ETH in the Defi Lido, has led to a drop in prices. Concerns about imbalances between Steth and ETH liquidity grass.

These concerns are related to the cryptocurrency loan platform Cellsius. Cellsius launched a service that lends ETH on STETH. The STETH obtained from the Lido is used to receive ETH loans in Celsius. The imbalance between STETH and ETH liquidity is caused by this structure.

The web 3-related Twitter Small Cap Scientist pointed out that on the 10th, whales attempted to escape the STETH digging (fixed value collapse), such as the recent trading of 50,000 Steth exchanged for ETH.

Since the steth liquidity pool is larger than ETH, it may be difficult to be completely paid if the demand for exchange to ETH increases. In this respect, Steth liquidation is being made in fear that Bank Run will occur in Celsius.

Small Cap Scientist said, Cellsius is rapidly depleted, he said. It was written.

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