Civilization meets Crusader Kings

Old World is a peculiar combination of civilization and crusader kings, although the timeline is limited to early history.

The civilization series is one of the most popular series in game history, so it is perfectly understandable that there are enough entrepreneurs to defeat it. The best company in the next few years has been excellent humankind, and old world will not be left on the feet despite its difference.

The development of the characters takes the game towards Crusader Kings.

data and stone mining

For players who are familiar with civilization, the setting is quite familiar. In the beginning there is a swamp, a foggy map and a settlement. The first city starts the construction of science, art and military forces at a time. Workers transform the terrain into a field, while the soldiers are into the enemy cities. In many ways, the concept follows general conventions, of course, with numerous small changes.

Urban development is not central screen-driven like early civilization, but many buildings are placed in terrain hexes. As a result, workers are very important units. Instead, in the central cities, soldiers, a few types of building, and specialists boosting the power of the terrain are built. Farm’s grainmemari improves food supply and city growth, while the theater poet is culture. The size of the city limits the maximum number of important specialists.

Buildings require more or less resources, sometimes even after their construction for maintenance. In particular, miracles bark in massive amounts of stone, so it is a good idea to populate the hexat next to the mountain with stone quarries. In the opening game, the shortage of wood produces gray hair, as the sawmill can only be developed relatively late. Fortunately, missing resources can be purchased in gold and the purchase prices are not completely unreasonable.

Some of the resources are more abstract, such as the exercise required by military units or the education consumed by social changes and buildings. Everything is needed, of course, as much as possible. As an interesting feature, moving and construction of troops consumes a well-limited command resource, which is always at the end of the war. Refreshing at the beginning of the shift is a really important resource, because without it, even attacking will not succeed.

The technology tree does not offer greater surprises.

family is the worst

In addition to sheer construction, you also have to keep your own dynasty. The kingdom has a leader, a ruler family and a few power-hungry families. The characters have characteristics and skills that create benefits or disadvantages, for example, in resource production. The growth of the youngest in the family has been made in an interesting way. In their youth, everyone has to choose their own career path, and almost every shift bounces on choices that guide the character’s development.

The court members are also significant because they can be called the military general or the governors of the city. These can provide significant additional benefits. Different families must be kept satisfied and their own lineage fertile, as conflicts on the home front can cause significant problems and rebellions. The system is not as profound as in paradox games, but all the mechanics are very interesting.

The era described by old World is limited to early history as its name implies. Towards the end of the technology tree, the Middle Ages and early cannons are approached, but much of the war is done with earlier weapons. Warfare is quite slow, as in one year, units can, in principle, do only one attack that will slow down the enemy’s health points.

All other changes can be found in a bunch. One tweet is not free, but the map is defined on the map for finished cities-sometimes as a Barbarian city. The development of the next technology, on the other hand, is based on cards that circulate in the deck. When choosing a subject, only one can be taken to work, the rest of the options move to the bottom of the deck. Some of the cards are disposable-they offer extra resources, for example, but when not selected, they are permanently removed from the deck.

Game marathon in the battle of Marathon.

new and old blood for strategy agency

The package can also be purchased with an additional heroes of the Aegean, which includes a campaign of a few assigned Persian wars. Strongly scripted tasks provide a moment’s fun for those who are tired of the open game. At least according to Steam statistics, only one in a hundred has decided to play additional scenarios.

Old World has to balance tremendously between the accustomed conventions and changes.
The end result is more focused on traditional conventions, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the player.
Unfortunately, this is a bad thing in my own books, because despite its peculiar features, the package is too familiar.
Nevertheless, the end result is delicious.
If civot killers are searched, I would still choose the four-star strategy games humankind above this release.
However, I am sure that many have a different view-including metacritic.
Old World strongly defends its place, and fortunately it will also be available at the end of the Epic unit right.

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