Elder Scrolls, the official publication of the official cooking book with more than 70 game recipes

In 2020, the official Elder Scrolls, which were published in Tumblebucks in Tumblebucks, were officially published thanks to the request of the Elder Scrolls fans.

‘Elder Scrolls’ official cooking book contains recipes that realistically reinterpret the various dishes in the game that you would have been curious about for the user who enjoyed the Elder Scrolls series of Bethesda Softworks. It contains delicate dishes in Nord and Imperial, as well as the unique cooking costs of Kazit and Argonians. These cooking costs will tell you how to make Tamriel continent easy and fun.


The “ Elder Scrolls ” official cooking book contains a total of 70 recipes in a total of 192 pages. You can make your own dishes such as Sweet Roll, as well as sunlight souffles, elseware fondue, and apple cabbage stew. There is even a method of recipe for drug scuma of the processing of honey and kajits that the Nordic drinks.

The list price of the book is 40,000 won and can be found at 36,000 won, which is a 10% discount at each Internet bookstore.

It is currently being sold at each Internet bookstore and is scheduled to be released on July 13th. Until July 12, the event is being presented to present A3 posters when ordering from Aladdin and YES24.

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