Fallout 5 will be the next great Bethesda project

Currently, Bethesda is working hard so that starfield is available next year. Afterwards, the study will finally start working mainly at the Elder Scrolls 6, which was announced in 2018. Once the new medieval adventure is available in the future, Todd Howard has mentioned that the next great Bethesda project will be Fallout 5.

During an interview with Ign, Todd Howard, director of starfield, confirmed that the next great Bethesda game after the Elder Scrolls 6 will be _fallout 5. This was what he mentioned about it:

Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 is in preproduction and, you know, we are going to do Fallout 5 after that, so our list is quite full for a while. We have some other projects that we look at once too.

Fallout is really part of our DNA here. We have worked with other [developers] from time to time, I can’t say what will happen. You know, we have a page about Fallout 5, what we want to do.

The question is: How long will we have to wait to play Fallout 5? During its talk, Howard mentioned that Starfield began its development at the end of 2015, so almost eight years will have passed when this game arrives in 2023. On the other hand, it has been mentioned that The Elder Scrolls 6_ continues in its stage of preproduction .

Although it may sound to a joke, It would not be surprise if we see fallout 5 until the next decade . Considering the production process to which the last Bethesda games have been subjected, we could well wait from five to eight after the launch of the Elder Scrolls 6 to see more of Fallout.


Fallout 4_ came to the market in 2015, and fallout 76 was available in 2018. We only have to wait and learn more about this series in the future. In related issues, fans are not so happy with starfield. Similarly, this will be the size of this new game.

Editor’s note:

At the end of the day, Bethesda could well refuse several elements between starfield, the elder scrolls 6 and fallout 5 to make the development of the next two games not late so much. However, the study also runs the risk of doing Crunch once again, something we already saw in the past.

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