THE ELDER SCROLLS 2nd fan remaster Daggerfall Unity -GOG CUT is now available on GOG. Classic works easily in Unity has launched Daggerfall Unity-Gog Cut on June 15 on the site. This work is a fan project that operates the second work of the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall on the Unity engine.

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (hereinafter referred to as Daggerfall) is a first-person viewpoint action RPG released by Bethesda Softworks for MS-DOS in 1996. The The Elder Scrolls: Arena of the same work and the first work has been distributed for free on the Bethesda Softworks official website from the time of the series anniversary. Also, in April this year, both works started free distribution on Steam. is later distributed for free. It is the starting point of the masterpiece series and is available for free on various platforms.

Daggerfall Unity is a fan project that reconstructs Daggerfall with a Unity engine. Developer Gavin Clayton is the center and has been developed in open source by many volunteers. While respecting the experience of the original version, various aspects such as high-definition of graphics are updated to modern times. It is an ambitious project that improves the ease of play and also includes the expansion of MOD support.

And Daggerfall Unity-GOG Cut is a easy pack for Daggerfall Unity for GOG. The construction of the environment from the introduction of Daggerfall Unity requires a certain amount of effort and knowledge. On the other hand, this GOG version has also introduced many community production MODs. You can skip the effort to build the environment and install the Daggerfall that was reconstructed as soon as you install it. states that the pack was also available in the package of YouTuber, Gamerzakh. The fact that these community activities are strong is probably because of the fading charm of Daggerfall.

Daggerfall Unity-Gog Cut is currently being distributed for PC ( If you haven’t played the original version, why not touch this machine?

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